Here is the prefect Place to find:
1. Beautiful key chains 
2. Personalized accessories
3. Elegant beating creations 
AND so much More! 

To Order Key chains or beating accessories Please send us an email. To email Us access the "contact" tab to get our email address.
To Include in email:
1. Product requested: key chain or beating creation (If you request a beating creation, please specify: necklace, bracelet, earrings ect.)
2. If you wish your beating creations or key chain to be personalized include name.
3. Color Pallet preferred if any.
*Any characteristic of the product received that was not specified in the request email will not be the responsibility of Creaciones Margaritas*
These are Perfect to give at a Graduation event as the "scrapbook".  Personalized for each student and bautiful for any other event!

*Prices will be received after the request email is sent and will depend on the order and specifications asked for in the request email. A form will be sent with policy and restrictions and the price of the product after order is made* You can order one of the keychains portrayed here or use one of them to give us a picture of what you want. Please Note that the items seen here are up for sale and you may order one by specifying the picture inwhich it is shown in your email.


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