Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Opening Printable Shop! Happy Valentine's Day Free Collection

Greetings Everyone!

We are celebrating Valentine's Day this year with the opening of our printable shop! We love art as you can see in the many areas of our blog and we are enjoying the designing process very much! We hope you enjoy our free Valentine's Day Kit! We have made three different Valentine's Day cards with three different designs on the theme "Monsters In Love". Along with the three Valentine's we have included the perfect complementary printables to go along with the craft of the month of ReCycle UniQUiLY! You can get the craft idea over at their site by clicking here: ReCycle UniQUiLY<3

Their craft was super creative and fun and made the perfect gift for that someone that fills your heart! We were so inspired by their idea that we created free printables to go with it and included them to our Valentine's Day kit!

Take a look at the Valentine's Day Cards:

And the printables that go with ReCycle UniQUiLY's craft, A book of 52 reasons I Love You:To receive the free printables presented in this post please email us at: margarita.personal@yahoo.com

A thousand Flowers to you and a Happy Valentine's Day,

Agnes Marie


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